An Introduction to EDI

Whether you are new to EDI or confused by changing compliance requirements, our comprehensive guide will expand your knowledge of EDI and supply chain.
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What is EDI?

Getting started with EDI can seem like a daunting proposition. Once you dig a little deeper, however, EDI can be a great deal of help to businesses that are seeking to automate their order processing and invoicing systems.

This guide explores EDI terminology and how to read EDI lines, the process behind EDI, and finally, the methodologies on how to strategically utilize EDI for your specific business processes.

EDI Terminology
EDI Terminology
EDIFACT Interchange Control Structure
Reading a UNH Line
Fully Automated Electronic Commerce Solution
From Partial to Full Automation

Table Of Contents

Section 1 Overview of EDI
Section 2 EDI Terminology
Section 3 ANSI ASC X12 Control Structure
Section 4 EDIFACT Control Structure
Section 5 EDI and Data Communications
Section 6 Data Communications Terminology
Section 7 Electronic Commerce in the 21st Century
Section 8 The Transaction Orientation
Section 9 Getting Strategic With EDI
Section 10 5 Keys to Integration Success