A New Study on Dropship and Omnichannel Trends

Insight from both the manufacturer and retailer perspectives. The findings show how best to leverage dropship without disrupting your supply chain. 


Explore the Implications of Omnichannel and Dropshipping

What makes dropship work? Study participants share their struggles, triumphs and frustrations with this increasingly common fulfillment method. Find out what works, what doesn't, and how to apply that knowledge to your organization.
Data on the current state of dropship
The Current State of Drop Shipping
Retailer challenges with drop ship implementation
Drop Ship Challenges for the Retailer
Dropship Implications for Suppliers
From Partial to Full Automation

Table Of Contents

Section 1 Foreword
Section 2 Executive Summary
Section 3 Introduction
Section 4 Motivations for Drop Shipping
Section 5 Retailer Challenges
Section 6 Supplier Challenges
Section 7 Retailer Benefits
Section 8 Supplier Benefits
Section 9 Strategic Implications for Retailers
Section 10 Strategic Implications for Suppliers