What Every CFO Needs to Know About Supply Chains

New supply chain study from Lehigh University reveals insights gathered from over 125 executives of North American manufacturers on the impact of supply chain digitization on financial performance
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The Impact of Supply Chain Digitization on Financial Performance

Comprehensive research study details how supply chain events and digitization can improve cash flow, profitability, and revenue.
Lehigh study study revenue recognition | DiCentral
Revenue Recognition
Lehigh Study Finance Collaboration with Customers | DiCentral
Digitization & Collaboration with Customers
Lehigh Study Finance Collaboration with Suppliers | DiCentral
Digitization & Collaboration with Suppliers

Table Of Contents

Section 1 Foreword
Section 2 Executive Summary
Section 3 Revenue Recognition
Section 4 Digitization & Collaboration With Customers
Section 5 Digitization & Collaboration With Suppliers
Section 6 Electronic Payments
Section 7 Corporate to Bank Integration
Section 8 Conclusion

What's In the Study?

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