The State of Drop Shipping Compliance

A look into compliance challenges and current drop ship initiatives for today's retailers and merchandise suppliers


Drop Shipping Compliance in an Omnichannel World

Drop shipping comes with different expectations, different retailer requirements, and different compliance priorities and challenges. The Retail Value Chain Federation conducted a survey of retailers and merchandise suppliers to shed light on these challenges and highlight what must be done for drop shipping to work for all parties.

This report highlights the key findings of our drop ship survey and offers important takeaways for retailers and suppliers as drop shipping for order fulfillment, and compliance requirements, become the norm.

dropship is the norm
Drop shipping is the norm
dropship burdens
Drop ship burdens
suppliers needs with dropship
Concerns of drop ship

Table of Contents

Section 1 Introduction
Section 2 The prevalence of drop ship
Section 3 Drop ship compliance metrics
Section 4 Additional metrics we'd like to see
Section 5 Biggest drop ship burdens
Section 6 Keys to improving performance
Section 7 Retailers and suppliers on drop ship
Section 8 Conclusion