Proactive Partnerships: Creating Supply Chain Value in the Digital Era

A look into the latest findings by the University of Tennessee on the biggest drivers behind B2B integration and collaboration between partners across the supply chain in today's digital era.
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Beyond Supply Chain Collaboration

In the race to compete in today's digital-first era, organizations face challenges in modeling their supply chains to accommodate consumer behavior—where they shop, when they shop, and how they want to shop.

The results of this study shows how market leaders have embraced this change by leveraging B2B integration and ERP technologies to improve customer satisfaction levels, operational productivity, and resource allocation.

Key Disruptors to Order Processing
Key Disruptors to Order Processing
Top Drivers for B2Bi
B2Bi Self-Assessment Review
Self-Assessment Review

Table of Contents

Section 1 Approaches to developing B2Bi capabilities
Section 2 Top 5 reasons SMB businesses adopt SAP
Section 3 Top 5 benefits of SAP to SMBs
Section 4 Top drivers for B2Bi
Section 5 Future trends: What's the forecast for B2Bi
Section 6 Recommendations and conclusions