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Are you meeting your customer's delivery expectations? 

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The last decade of retail has seen only one constant -- change. Consumers now expect online orders to be processed and shipped minutes after pressing the "Buy Now" button. Free same-day and next-day delivery is considered the norm.

As customer demands mount, those producing, storing, transporting, and selling goods must be ready to optimize their supply chains to meet these expectations. But how exactly? 

In this webinar, guest speaker Thom Campbell will outline several strategies for rapid fulfillment that will deliver your brand's promise to customers. 

Rather than investing in trends in reaction to your competitors,  we'll show you how to accumulate long-term competitive advantages by making three smart improvements to your supply chain. 



Our Guest Speaker

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Thom Campbell
Chief Strategy Officer of Capacity LLC

Thom has worked to grow Capacity since its earliest days alongside co-founders Jeff, Arlen and Allen. He has held a number of roles, including leading client services, and currently oversees sales and marketing. Thom takes a special interest in attracting and retaining the talented people who embrace Capacity’s extraordinarily passionate culture.

Prior to Capacity, Thom was with Morgan Stanley for seven years, managing investment banking and investor relations for institutional mutual funds. Before joining Morgan Stanley, Thom was at Bottomline Technologies, implementing electronic payment systems for major financial institutions. Prior to that he worked at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.



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