Building a Responsive Supply Chain

Leading Experts Weigh in on the Value of Inventory Visibility to Keep Pace in Today's Omnichannel World
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Harnessing the Power of Inventory Visibility in Today's Supply Chain

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Justin Patton
RFID Lab Director | Auburn University

Justin Patton oversees the RFID Lab at Auburn University, a research institute focused on the business case and technical implementation of RFID and other emerging technologies in retail, supply chain and manufacturing. He has participated in most of the seminal business case research for RFID in the United States for retailers, and is currently researching upstream supply chain benefits of RFID in both retail and manufacturing. Justin is one of the primary developers of the ARC program, the first and most widely utilized international performance validation system for RFID, and is currently working to help standardize the process of testing and certifying RFID performance in all aspects of the retail supply chain.

Jo Anna
Jo Anna Stewart
Sr. Director Business Analysis & Program Management | GS1 US

A member of the GS1 US Corporate Development team working to help companies realize the benefits of standards-based supply chain processes while striving to reach beyond traditional supply chain targets as the relevant authority on persistent identification standards, authentication, and related services necessary for innovation in a highly connected physical/digital world.

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Susan Pichoff
Product Data Expert | DiCentral

Susan Pichoff is a product data strategist, executive leader, and consultant with 20+ years of experience in SDLC, EDI, and data standards. Her experience has included work with Macy's, GS1 US, and Saks Fifth Avenue, focusing on the importance of partnership, communication, and data sharing in the apparel and general merchandise sector.


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