Avoiding the Storms: Creating a Resilient and Circular EV Supply Chain

Webinar In Partnership with Electric Autonomy

Adapting to Change and Cultivating Meaningful and Longterm Partnerships



John Laughlin - circle (red)
John Laughlin
CTO at NGen Manufacturing
Jarred Knecht - Circle (red)
Jarred Knecht
President at ProEV
Eva Ames - Circle (red)
Eva Ames
VP, Electrification & Mobility Competence Center, DSV
Shawn McEwen - Circle (red)
Shawn McEwen
Regional VP, TrueCommerce DiCentral
Nino. - headshot
Nino Di Cara
President & Founder Electric Autonomy Canada (Moderator)

Learn how EV manufacturers and suppliers come together to enable real-time communication and quick reaction time to digital disruptions.

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