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Balancing Efficiency with Flexibility to Move Goods from Factories to the End Consumers

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john lynch
John Lynch
Senior Vice President, Federation Relations & Industry Affairs | American Trucking Associations

John Lynch has been working with American Trucking Associations (ATA) since 2006, overseeing ATA Industry Councils, Intergovernmental Affairs, Grassroots Advocacy Programs, and ATA Federation.

American Trucking Associations (ATA) is the largest and most comprehensive national trade association for the trucking industry. Since their inception in 1933, they have leveraged the strength and size of their membership, which includes a robust federation of state associations, affiliated conferences, and individuals to help their member companies grow successfully.

Jeff O
Jeff Osmanson
COO & Process Improvement Officer | Next Generation Technologies, LLC

As COO & Process Improvement Officer for Next Generation Technology LLC, Jeff Osmanson champions business development and process improvement internally and externally with all Market Sector Clients. He has held an executive leadership level in various roles for business solutions and IT Systems Development. He has also managed over $50mm+ annual budget to develop and achieve ROI through initiatives that drive business solutions forward and improve profit.

Jeff P picture
Jeff Pilof
Former Senior Vice President | CVS Health

Jeff Pilof is a supply chain strategist that is product-flow focused, e-commerce & final mile delivery proficient, and a master collaborator. He has demonstrated the ability to re-engineer and evolve business processes but believes that true leadership lies in the impact you impart at the end of the day. For over five years, he was with CVS Health, inspiring and leading team members towards improved supply chain practices.


How the Distribution of Inventory Evolved to Today’s Best Practices
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Shifting Labor Situations Effect on the Movement of Goods
Resurgence of Interest in American Manufacturing
Using Technology to Support the End-to-End Processes that Maximize Resources

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